In order to make understanding the learning outcomes and supporting the students’ learning processes, the contents of the curriculum are categorized by instrument. We believe learning is enhanced by positive emotional experiences related to music and the support of parents. The feedback given to students throughout their learning process will give them the opportunity to not only enjoy playing music, but to also meet their goals and anticipated learning outcomes. The instrumental curriculum content has been built to accommodate improvisation, composition, and accompaniment skills.
The methods central to our system of feedback and tracking our students progress are instrument-specific tables of learning outcomes and digital student portfolios.
The digital portfolio used as a tool during the studies here in Music Institute Avonia consist of the students portfolio, recordings and other necessary documents related to the students music career. The portfolio can be accessed by the student, the students’ guardians, their teacher and the administration of Music Institute Avonia.
The syllabus teaches the student how to study music. You’ll also learn to recognize and listen to different elements of music as well as how to use composing and improvising as a tool in your musical career. Finally you’ll learn how to prepare for and how to function under performances and concert.
Avonia’s curriculum used in music studies utilizes The Finnish National Agency of Education’s guidelines for basic and advanced arts education curriculum (2017).